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  • Maps for 150 countries and 15 million points of interest


  • Must pay for extras

Very good

Nokia Maps promises to be the mobile solution to navigating around the world, offering free maps for 150 countries

Nokia Maps provides a comprehensive route finder facility whether you want to get from street-to-street, city-to-city, or country-to-country. But more than that, with Nokia Maps you can locate 15 million tourist spots, meaning when you're in a new city the software will give you directions from wherever you are, telling you exactly how far you need to travel.

You can share these with friends and update and personalize your maps. Nokia Maps will work with GPS if your phone supports it. All you need to do to use the software is upload a city map onto your mobile and select what you want to search for, e.g. hotels or restaurants. Then follow the route.

Things to bear in mind

One problem is that if want to create more detailed guides or add extras such as a voice-operated navigation guide you will need to pay. And it may even cost you to transfer free maps depending on your service provider, so do check.

You should note too, that Nokia Ovi Maps 3 is now available, for Series 60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition phones. Besides offering an overall improvement in map detail and quality than Nokia Maps 2.0, Ovi Maps comes with new 3D features, including three-dimensional terrain and a 3D landmarks feature for more than 200 cities.

Still, if your phone doesn't support Ovi Maps, good old Nokia Maps still offers a handy way to get around.

Nokia Maps puts free* downloadable maps and routing from A to B in your hands, in an earth browsing experience that allows you to zoom in from the globe to the destinations of your choice. With free maps for more than 150 countries, and with 15 million points of interest pre-loaded, you can plan your route street by street, city to city.

There are also optional extra features available such as a fully-fledged navigation system. Purchasing the navigation feature releases powerful GPS navigation, with clear, turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance. If your Nokia device doesn’t have built-in GPS, you can also use an external GPS module.

For a complete picture of your destination, you can buy information-rich city guides from Berlitz, Insight Guides and many more, with expert advice on where to go and what to do that becomes an integrated part of your browsing experience with Nokia Maps.

*Service provider may charge for data transmission. Please contact your service provider for details

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Nokia Maps


Nokia Maps 2.0

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